viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Retrat a boli bic (pas a pas)

Us penge unes quantes fases d'aquest retrat a boli. Està inacabat.

8 comentarios:

Unknown dijo...

lleva muy buén camino.

Annie dijo...

Mooi portret!

Unknown dijo...

bom fim de semana.

Tito dijo...

Incompiuto ma...molto bello! Sei veramente bravo Manel. Buon week end!

Albert Gallego dijo...

I perquè no l'acabes? Va força bé.

SKIZO dijo...

Fascinating work.
It has been delightful
to visit your gallery.
Good Creations

Harry Kent dijo...

i love seeing the steps in the growth of a drawing. I am amazed by the accuracy of your draughtsmanship, Manel. The excellent anatomical drawings you have doing are paying off here. And ball-point pen is difficult to work with, i think. Stunning the way you are getting tonal variation with it.

Denise SCARAMAI dijo...

maravilla de "clase"!
me encantó ver cómo lo haces!
y era muy bueno!